How To Go Viral On Instagram : 3 Simple Strategies To Follow

In August 2020, Instagram launched a new feature called “Reels.”  It is fairly similar to TikTok, which gets more attention around the world. Reels was introduced to challenge TikTok  through short-form videos. When you use Instagram Reels correctly, it helps to leverage the popularity of your brand. You need to know how Instagram helps create brand awareness. Here are  the similarities and differences between Instagram Reels and TikTok. 

Reels content entertains the audience and stays on your Reels. Reels is allowed to create Short-form videos and TikTok platforms also offer to upload short-form content in many exciting ways. Similar things of TikTok and IG Reels are: 

Both types of contents are tutorials, dance, pranks,  music videos, and lip-syncing videos.

Both have editing options such as an add music timer, audio edit, titles, stickers, effects, add filters, etc.

 Steps To Create Your First Instagram Reel 

  1. Sign in on the Instagram app.
  2. Click the camera tab and select Reels.
  3. Consider using the editing option tools. Creates your Reels creatively using these tools such as music, AR filters, align, speed, Timer, etc.

TikTok Strategies To Make Your Content Viral

TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms Where users get more attention from the audience through making a video innovatively. TikTok strategies help to get more views, likes, comments and shares and so use it to make your video viral.

Use Trending Music

You can choose the audio yourself, but trending content leads to hit your Reels viral between other videos. While you use the music background of your content, the audience enjoys to watch your video content. 

Make Your Reels Trending

If you want more people to view your content, you need to create unique content on a specific topic to be able to target the right audience and  increase user engagement. All of us are aware that content that receives more likes is further viewed by more people than the content that has few likes. The same applies for reels as well. If you are new to reels, you can choose planyourgram Instagram reels likes to get more people to watch and enjoy your reels videos. Now that more people start to watch your videos on reels, your brand is highly likely to grab a massive audience. Simultaneously, your Instagram profile will also grow drastically fostering brand awareness.

Learn From Influencers And Competitors

You can check out your brand-related Reels and Influencer’s Reels and learn from them about the tactics they use, how they create Reels to attract the audiences, and what the hashtags they use. It is the best way to find your niche hashtags and you have an idea about what post on your reel to get the right audience‚Äôs attention.


The ultimate viral strategies help your Reel trend and land on the explore page. So, you can gain more followers to your Instagram account. Through these, you can explore your brand, grow your business, interact with your niche audience, and make the audience enjoy to watch your content.