How To Change Your Twitter Tweets By Using More Features

Twitter is an amazing platform and easy to navigate. There are millions of twitter active users and they can achieve our goals successfully through this platform. Twitter provides some new features for all the twitter users. In this article, here are some amazing ideas that will change your tweet. 


Twitter is a message sharing platform with fans, followers, and friends. Twitter offers the best feature, they are images. Twitter has before some days allowed you to tweet pictures. But, later it allowed our pictures to be cropped, share only the middle images and horizontal visible images. This is a great feature for those who depend on images to drive traffic and increase the votes. 


The videos are the next amazing feature for twitter to increase votes to get you the ideal range of public views as well. Now twitter provides to create and share videos, without leaving the app. Click on the camera icon and then add pictures and videos simply. This is an easy and quick way to engage your audience and get more poll votes successfully. 


Twitter offers the best and growing feature of retweeting. It is also called RT. Retweets are used to increase the number of followers and votes. Find the best and valuable information for clothes tweets and give you the option to add your thoughts by using quotes. Retweets are displayed attractively and include the entire thoughts up to 140 characters. Write the word or phrase “please Retweet” or simply write “RT” is the best way to get your retweet.


Polls are an amazing way to engage more audiences. Polls are not only used to increase votes but they also involve your followers in the content creation process and allow them to know your audience and platform to build more conversation about your profile. It is used to create more awareness of the products and services that you provide. There are different ways to increase your poll votes. The best way is to buy twitter poll votes to grow your votes.  Any account from a personal or business can use twitter polls to increase their services online. Twitter polls allow four options for each poll. And they are living 24 hours afterward to display the final votes count. Polls offer the opportunity to connect more peoples at one time. Polls are the best way to get your follower’s feedback and what they did like more on one simple click. 


Moments are the best feature to keep the users on which topic is hot. This also allows you to swipe through topics to search for more results and stories. Moments icon is the best feature to remember the events again and again. If you click into a moment, it displays a little introduction and description. You can include this swipe section to drive right and colorful full-screen images, videos, and GIFs. A single tap gives the option to view the tweet, which is favorite and retweet or something else. A double-tap gives the option to add your tweet as a favorite. Lastly, Click the share button to tweet your information and share your tweet to your followers. 

How to gain twitter followers for your business improvement?

In recent days when online marketing has been widely used as a medium to seek the attention of the customer, Twitter has become more popular. When you have a huge follower base, your business is likely to get more exposure and visibility, which will help you get potential customers. When you buy Twitter followers, you are easily able to build your brand image on the social media platform. Today we are going to tell you how you get followers for your twitter business account.

Ways to buy genuine followers

Fake followers wouldn’t influence your business positively as they won’t re-tweet on your posts or engage with you. It is equally important to find legitimate followers on twitter.

  • Buy genuine followers – Invest your money in Twitter Ads campaigns. These campaigns help you to use different kinds of targeting methods to ensure that your business is visible to Twitter users who can be your potential customers. Usages of tools like Twitter Ads Campaigns are the best practices to buy Twitter views for your content. When you have created your campaign in the Twitter ads, you would be able to target your clients by language, interest, location and Twitter ID. The ads appear on the timelines, twitter search results and who to follow sections of Twitter. The follower campaign is relatively cheap and you will get actual followers. 
  • Share your best content creatively – People get interested in the content which they find engaging. Therefore, make sure you deliver outstanding content for the users. The content should be valuable and informational so that it can generate numerous views or engagements. For that, you can use infographic, stunning visuals or eye-catching short sentences. Entertaining, useful and funny stuff always attracts viewers and compels them to follow you for more. Try to keep your words simple yet appealing to the people. Writing meaningful content also makes your followers share your content and that’s how it reaches the mass making your business popular online.
  • Tweet more often – It is a fact that Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy than any other social media platform. The reason behind this is, twitter is an influential medium and many brands promote their products and services here. Therefore, the platform moves real quick every single day. You should fill up your content calendar with at least 3-4 tweets per day. This would maximize your tweet’s engagement and promote your business. Try to write fresh content on your twitter feed every day so that your followers know that you are worth following and active.

Several followers mean better social proof and an increase in your yearly turnover. Hence use the above-mentioned tips to gain followers.