A key marketing channel for all sizes of companies is Social media. Still, with so many business actives across the social media networks, it is very harder than to stand out ever before. YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are all excellent brand awareness building and potentially connecting with the customers and audience. But you have to consider up and coming social media platforms like TikTok? With less competition from other business and growing business from other companies. This short videos sharing platform is accessible under the name of Douyin in China, and the app was launched in 2017 as TikTok on both android and ios for outside marketers of China. In 2018 TikTok was merged with the app Musical.ly, which is a lip-synching app with existing user accounts consolidated into the one same app. The video on the TikTok app is primarily used by the younger demographic.

The platform also the users to make short videos with filters and music to share with the audience and friends, although people even can just browsing the site. Like other social media networks, users also can subscribe to the different favorite channels and follow the other users, search by hashtag, and comment, and like on the other user’s video content. Most of the videos are up to long for 15 seconds, although they can longer. Most of the TikTok videos are the user’s lip-synching to popular songs or tracks. Still, you will also find comedians, dancers, skateboarders, beauticians, pranksters, and crafters all sharing their talents and creativity. Significantly for marketers, users, and people also sharing the videos using products by themselves.


In the 2019’s first quarter, in ios app the most downloaded app is TikTok app, with over 33 million downloads, by 2019, June, the platform had 500 million monthly active users globally, but the figure is too much likely higher. TikTok also has appeal internationally, with the most significant proportion of the users in India, China, and the USA, so buy TikTok fans to make an engagement for your videos.

TikTok will be a great addition to your marketing strategy on social media if you are trying to reach a younger audience. 41% of the users on TikTok aged from sixteen and twenty-four, around a quarter of the TikTok users are the age between twenty-five and twenty-nine years old. Even though, overwhelmingly, TikTok is more popular with the younger audience.


Social media has another big name that entering into the competitive world of social media that seemingly dominated by the popular app Instagram and Facebook. So, we now have TikTok.  It all processes are started in 2014 with the famous app name called Musical.ly. Users can create and record clips of their lip-syncing to the kinds of music. Usually, it can be run 15 seconds to one minute of a long duration. The most important way for brands is to buy real TikTok likes for TikTok marketing. Within the launching of two years, the TikTok company had more than 90 million users, which was a massive spike from the previous year with 10 million.

In the late year 2018, the TikTok app was acquired by the company ByteDance which is an internet technology company based in China. They just merged Musical.ly with the app TikTok. The growth of the TikTok app user base is astonishing because it now has 800 million monthly users actively across all over the world. More than that, TikTok is a Karaoke app. Fans of TikTok are focused more on self-expression, which can accomplish through a different variety of content.


Essentially TikTok users need to create or shoot videos that up to 15 seconds long, but users also can produce only 60-second videos by combining different videos. But it is just not shooting videos and pointing videos. You also can add more diverse elements to your video content. For example, you can add music, filters,  and you can edit your videos – all are within the app. It is essential to address the thought of Tiktok is only just for Gen Zers who are all want to sync their lip and make good karaoke videos. That is not all offered by this platform. TikTok is being used by teens just more than other age groups. Brands and products onboard jumped, as well as celebrities and artists. Steps to follow  how-to-use TikTok

1.       Start browsing to download the TikTok app

2.       Create your account

3.       Explore the feeds on your profile

4.       Follow accounts and start engaging

5.       Create and shoot your first video on TikTok

You have to download the TikTok app first on your mobile device. Once you download the app, you can able to get the access instant to their community.  From there, you can try browsing to start videos.

How do I Increase My TikTok Views?

These days, one of the most popular social media like TikTok is getting much appreciation day by day. People are using it shows some unique creativity and skill to the audiences. There are numbers of social media that offer access to huge audiences, but getting millions of Views and followers is still a challenge. It requires a lot of creativity, effort, and planning. Like YouTube or Instagram, TikTok can also help you to become an online celebrity with hundreds and thousands of Views and followers. 

So, in order to fulfill your dream of getting a huge number of Views, no need to buy TikTok views. Simply you need to find some incredible strategies which other professional TikTok users owe. Here are some excellent tips are given which you can follow. Thus, it is sure that you would not be disappointed.

Some Tips to Increase TikTok Views:

Your Profile should Look Charming 

It is one of the best ways to attract other TikTok users towards your account. As everybody knows that TikTok has millions of users, so in this, every little thing matters to increase your fanbase. When your profile would have an amazing look, your fanbase would increase automatically. 

Create Contents on Viral Videos –

Nowadays, it is the latest trend on every social media that people participate in viral challenges by creating some of their own version of that video. For example, a few days ago, there was a viral challenge on the Kiki challenge. Many people participated in that challenge and got popular.

Make Your Videos Impressive with Some Editing App 

Your Views keep a great expectation to you. Whether it is original content or its effects, everything is judged by your Views. So, this tip also matters much.

Create Short Videos 

You need to create a short video that can impress your Views. A video of 20 to 30 seconds would be enough. It is so because people would not get bored.

Go Live At least Once in a Week

Interaction with your audiences is much important to maintain your social status and fanbase on TikTok. So, going to live once a week would be a great tip.

So, every small thing has its own importance on TikTok. So, try to be different, be unique and be a good entertainer. TikTok also features an endless supply of music and video editing options which would be helpful to you. Many TikTok users often buy TikTok Views to achieve this popularity. Thus, offering some fresh and newest content to the audiences can fill your TikTok account with thousands of Views for free. 

Some Amazing Tips For TikTok To Get Started!!!

Are you excited to use TikTok? Well, it is a mobile-based application, and you can easily download it from your on-device app store. With the help of this application, you can get unlimited fun and enjoyment in your free time. If you want to create videos or comment on the videos of others, then you need to create an account. It is simple to create a profile, but you should try to make it look good. You can add a nickname and a profile picture in your profile.

If you are watching TikTok videos for entertainment, then never forget to appreciate them by putting a like and comment. You just need to tap on the heart icon to like any video, and you also have an option to share it to other social media platforms. 

How to make TikTok videos?

If you are new to TikTok, then you should check its various features and functions. You can create videos on TikTok to get a good number of followers and likes. Some people prefer to Buy TikTok likes instead of getting them by making efforts. You can tap on the plus icon located at the center of its interface to create any video. There are many songs and sounds so you can easily pick your favorite one to get started. After this, you can add effects and filters to your videos to make them interactive. 

Types of TikTok videos

There are different types of videos that TikTok users can create with ease. Beginners should check all the options to choose the right one to create a video. The different types of TikTok videos that you can make are listed below-  

  • lip sync video 
  • duet video 
  • pets video
  • imitating other popular videos 

Well, these are the most popular TikTok video ideas that you should consider while creating the one. 

Tips to consider

After creating an account, the next thing you should do is to follow some beneficial tips to go viral. The most important thing that TikTok users should do is to post regularly and connect with other influencers. In order to get a good number of likes on your videos, you can either share them on other social media platforms or Buy TikTok likes. Try to interact with your followers as more as you can to increase your fan base.