How To Use IGTV: Complete Guide For Beginners

Instagram has come up with many new features like question stickers, shoppable posts, name tags. In this order, you can see IGTV. Like feed posts, IGTV has its unique position on profile pages. IGTV has become a game-changer for brands and marketers. It is one of the best online video platforms. Once you post a video on IGTV, it will not be deleted unless you do it. The users can create videos up to 15 seconds to 10 minutes. If your account is verified, then you can exceed your video length by up to 1 hour. 

Well, in this article, you are going to see a complete guide about IGTV features.

IGTV resembles traditional TV’s behavior, like a TV, you can start watching the videos once you open the app. You can upload a video for up to 1 hour in this app, which is dissimilar to Instagram.

You can express your interaction through likes, comments and even share the video with your friends via Instagram direct.

You can find lots of new accounts to follow, depending on your interest you can choose them. You can either swipe up and switch between the accounts you follow. O just randomly follow the account.

Fundamentals Of IGTV 

Your video can be from 15 seconds to 60 minutes long. Keep in mind, only verified accounts can upload 60 minutes of videos.

Once you open the app, your video begins to play. 

Videos will occupy full screen and in a vertical format.

Viewers can like, comment on videos; also, they can send videos to their friends.

IGTV Categories

IGTV has three major categories 

For You

You will see videos on people whom you follow, Instagram believe, you will prefer them.


You will see videos from all the people on Instagram that you follow already.


It appears on all the trending videos on IGTV and is ranked by popularity.

Tips To Promote Your Business Using IGTV 

It is one of the great opportunities for brands or marketers to promote a lot of stuff about their business. By adding links to your videos, you can drive traffic to your websites. When you post videos regularly, you can get more engagement to your account. Moreover, you can gain maximum reach through IGTV likes; this way, you can attain more exposure to your account. When your account becomes famous, automatically, your business gains more visibility. 

Once you upload a video, don’t forget to cross-promote your videos on other media. Throughout the channel, follow the same theme and maintain consistency. Remember, before planning to create content, think about whether your audience will like it or not. Analyze your audience preferences and mindset. Then frame your content, ensure you have added catchy titles, give a clear description of your videos. Don’tDon’t forget to add hashtags in the description part. 

Optimized Size & Ratio For IGTV 

Your file size should be up to 3.6GB.

The file type must be in MP4.

You need to maintain a ratio of 9:16

Video thumbnail and cover image must be in JPG format. 

Measure Your Performance

It is essential to evaluate your videos on IGTV. Make use of Instagram analytics to help to give more info to make your work better. You can get details about views, which is the number of people viewing your videos. Then engagement, which is likes and comments. Finally, you will have audience retention, which is the percentage of all views who watched your IGTV video completely. 


IGTV is an evolutionary stage; marketers, brands can utilize it to reach their potential customers. It is the perfect place to share more information about your business. If you are new to IGTV, no problem, it’s never too late to start it. Create your own channel and start posting more videos. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


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The IGTV is also known as a traditional TV which updated on the experience for modern mobile interfaces. Any people can create their IGTV if they have an account on Instagram. If you have a large account on Instagram, you can put a video for one hour. And then most of the accounts allowed for only 10 minutes. Instagram supports both vertical video and horizontal video for IGTV. If you want to watch IGTV videos on Instagram, you can watch the IGTV videos by using standalone IGTV apps, or by clicking the IGTV button on someone’s profile.



IGTV on Instagram only uses vertical position videos. But Instagram’sInstagram’s latest release for IGTV allows the horizontal position videos. Instagram tells that horizontal functionality comes because of Instagram users ‘user’s feedback.


You can upload videos on IGTV for up to one hour. The IGTV feature on Instagram is similar to Youtube and not like Netflix.


 Instagram tries to give the traditional TV experience on IGTV overall. While watching the IGTV videos, viewers can like the videos, comment on the videos. It’sIt’s almost like Facebook videos. If you want to view or watch the next video, you swipe the screen right to watch the next video otherwise swipe left on the screen to watch the previous one.

For watching more videos swipe up. A search option is available, and also the category displays videos. You can see your friends and influencers videos there. 


There are three main categories of Instagram’s IGTV. They are accessible, following, for you.

  1. POPULAR: all of the trending videos and popular videos on IGTV shown in this category. Buy IGTV Likes for get more likes and popularity among the competitors. Because the popularity most likely ranks the videos which come under the category of “popular.” 
  2. FOLLOWING: This category will show the IGTV videos of people that you have already followed on Instagram. If someone follows you on IGTV, then they will follow your Instagram profile also.
  3. FOR YOU: this is the category with the collection of videos that are shown to you because Instagram thinks that you will like the videos.

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Can include an audio appearance

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How can people use Instagram pages for business promotion

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1. Make an exciting story for the post

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2. Write good and long captions 

When you are posting the story, make sure you are giving a good caption. First, people look at the caption they read the post if they find captions interesting, then only there will be more views. 

3. Add the hashtags

 It is also vital that you put the hashtags on the stories; this will make stories and posts more interesting. In this way, you can give a new style to the posts to attract people.

4. Talk about your business in the post 

You are marketing the business on Instagram, so you must be writing about the product. Buy Instagram Story Views for creating a good customer base. Never share any irrelevant story on the post because it will not make any sense to stay away from sharing such types of stories which don’t make any sense.